After School Snacks – Some tasty wholefood ideas!!


My daughter is in her first year of school. At 3pm she is tired, hungry, and excited, the perfect meltdown mix. I know I need to feed her instantly and bring these three components back into balance. She needs to sit, she needs to eat, once this happens the potential hurricane is calmed and we can enjoy the afternoon.

Our after school snacks must be healthy, quick and easy. I seem to be an extremist with each of these. The recipes I have chosen are our favourites, they are delicious, super quick, ultra healthy and so easy your kids can possibly whip it up themselves.

New PictureEverything I love is in this one little wrap! Best of all there is a version for everyone; babies, nut free, and those who like it sweet. Get onto it, you will be presently surprised.

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New Picture (1)Few snacks are as convenient and universally enjoyed as breakfast bars; I especially love the ones that keep it easy! This ticks all of my boxes.

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New Picture (2)‘Make it Pink’ is every bit as good as it looks! The little ones will never know that it is loaded with nutrients. It will take a minute of your time to prepare; you can then sit back and watch the kids happily consume their red and green veggies, healthy fats and protein. Everyone wins.

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New Picture (3)Kids and cheese, they are mad for the stuff! Let’s throw some veggies in there too. Keep some of these in the fridge, they will go quickly!

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New Picture (4)For the days when we all need a treat! Instant, delicious; and yes, it is super healthy. My son and I love the raspberry, my daughter and husband love the chocolate. This is the perfect way to end the school day; it magically takes everyone to a very happy place!

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Enjoy the post school hour!

By Bianca from Wholefood Simply 



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