Missing Items – The Story of My Life


jumper blog (Small)I could feel the chilliness in my bones this morning when I woke up.  Winter is coming.  Unfortunately the chilliness traveled through my bones and settled in my mouth as both my darling boys have misplaced their school jumpers.  I had decided a long time ago to only buy one jumper for each boy at a time or else they loose all the jumpers within a week.  Therefore there’s no spare in the house.

The youngest had the terrible sense to advise me “I do not understand it mum, like in…AT ALL, as I have put my jumper in my school bag when we left Ms Kerry (their Day-Care-Mum) on Friday afternoon!”  I know it is wrong to shout at your children, especially before you drop them off at day-care before school, but I just lost it.  “DO YOU THINK THE FAIRIES PLAYED WITH YOUR JUMPER DURING THE WEEKEND AND LEFT IT ON THE ROOFTOP OR DID THEY SPRAY INVISIBLE INK ON IT AND IT IS STILL IN YOUR BAG – HAVE YOU ACTUALLY PUT YOUR HAND IN YOUR BAG OR DID YOU JUST LOOK INSIDE!!!?” I exclaimed.

Meanwhile the eldest is making himself so scarce I immediately knew something was wrong as my Mummy antenna alerted me straight away.  “And where is your jumper?” I asked.  He frantically reached for the car keys and advised me that he thinks he left it in the car.  I asked them to “just disappear!” and finished my daily routine.  After I had finished I called them back and gave them a talk about being organised and that they will have a full weekend without electronics.

And the strangest thing happened (not) – their mouths filled up with so much air that I thought their heads would explode.  That is how I left them at their angel of a Day-Care-Mum, after I told them that although I am still mad, I really do love them.

Unfortunately the jumpers are still missing and winter is coming.

Is it just me that is exhausted by always asking “Do you have your jumper, shoes, lunchbox, homework folder, hat, water bottle etc.?” or are there are other mums just like me??

Written By Adri Van Rensburg




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