Fairy Bread Pinwheels – How to make?


286When I first saw these fairy bread pinwheels I thought they were the cutest ever.  Although not ideal as an everyday food a treat every now and then or for birthday parties is fine by me!!

I decided to give them a go and luckily they are pretty easy so anyone can make them look like this!!


A loaf of bread (white or wholemeal)

Butter / Margarine / Nuttalex

Hundreds and Thousands (we used the all natural ones which worked a treat)



1. Cut off crusts from each slice of bread

2. Squash bread down with hand to make it flat and compressed

3. Spread with butter / margarine / nuttalex

4. Cover with Hundreds and Thousands

5. Roll up slice of bread from one side to the other

6. Cut up rolled slice of bread into 6 pieces

7.  Place on plate so you can see the hundreds and thousands


Recipe By School Mum aka Sam Shazzam



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