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We have been super lucky and been give 3 fully customisable OwnFones to giveaway to 3 lucky families PLUS a call plan including 150 minutes of usage over a 4 month period!! WOOHOO

All you need to do is enter via the app below to be in the running to win!!

OR if you would like to check them out prices start from $69 for a personalised phone plus $20 for 45 minutes or $30 for 100 minutes of calls per month …

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Win 1 of 3 OwnFones
unnamedI have recently come across this product and thought what a fabulous idea. I know parents have lots of pressure these days from their kids to have a phone as it seems to be the thing to have.  I also know that lots of parents (me included) don’t think it is super necessary for kids to have phones at a young age and that there can be some risk associated with having one particularly when they are smart phones with things like internet access and picture and text message capability.  On the other hand I can see (depending on your child’s movements and commitments) that having a phone if they do spend some time away from you at activities or friend’s house etc can be useful if they are ever in trouble or need to contact you directly.

Having all of this in mind when I saw the OwnFone phones I thought WOW, that is kind of a really good idea.  It is a way that your child can have a phone without the risk and they are pretty cute.

Ownfone is a brand new design of phone that connects your child with the people they need and that’s it! To make a call on an Ownfone all you have to do is press a name. You can have up to twelve names on your Ownfone and it receives calls too. There’s no text or internet – just good old-fashioned voice calls and you decide who the phone can call. Peace of mind for you and a first phone for your child.

Pretty much you can customise a phone for your child to call only specific pre-loaded numbers which is a fantastic idea.  You will see on the phone there is 000. I asked about that and legally speaking OwnFone said that any mobile device has to have the capacity to call 000 so one of the numbers has to be this number and that is non-negoitalbe.

1468807_458419007596712_136634250_nThere is the option of writing the person’s name OR putting a picture there for the user to recognise and call.  These can also be really great for kids and adults with disabilities who may not be able to read to make it straight forward to use without the risk of calling the wrong number or having to remember it.

You or your child can even customise their own colour and design to make it that little bit more fun and appealing.



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