Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Kids


I have a fussy almost two year old son, and a happy to eat anything and everything almost six year old daughter. They both love smoothies, and so do I. Most days after school we all have one. Many times they have been the only thing my son would consume. I quickly learnt how to load these drinks  with goodness without comprising on taste.

Smoothies are perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, especially if you are living with a fussy child. The hardest part is getting your head around drinking a meal.  If you are new to smoothies then these ones are great place to start, I hope your family loves them as much as we do.

First date with Green Smoothie is perfect for beginners. It is simple and delicious. It was the first green smoothie I made and we still have it often.

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Run Drink Run is our breakfast smoothie of choice. You can whip it up the night in preparation for the morning when you have to be out of the house bright and early. It is a perfect meal replacement smoothie and a hearty snack.

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Who doesn’t love chocolate thickshakes?! This one is rich, creamy, and full of goodness. You can indulge it in guiltlessly anytime.

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Take a minute, make a smoothie. Be sure to let me know what you think.

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02-webWritten by School Mum Bianca from Wholefood Simply – Enjoyment is Bianca’s first rule when it comes to food, followed very closely by simplicity. She hopes to relish everything that passes her lips. Her diet is an abundance of fruit and vegetables, garnished with nuts and seeds, she loves it all. She hopes to instill this passion in her children.



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