The Benefits of Team Sport


bigstock-Young-Soccer-Players-on-a-team-30122441 (Medium)Team sports are a fun and popular way for your child to develop a number of important life skills. It is also a wonderful way for them to make friends as they share a common interest. Children who play a team sport will be more sociable and are not as likely to feel isolated. It is great for them to learn the rules of their game and along the way it will also teach them how to be a good winner and loser. They may discover new skills, such as leadership or encouraging others. These can be very important for the development of your child and will stay with them as they grow older.

When playing a team sport, you have to work with others. All kinds of social interaction come into the mix. As children interact with each other, they will learn different ways to communicate and also come to appreciate that everyone learns at a different speed and not everyone has the same skill set. These are important lessons that will apply in many different life situations.

Obviously, there are also the physical benefits to consider. Parents will be satisfied in the knowledge that their child is moving around, getting healthier and fitter. It may also encourage parent/child bonding, as many children love to practise outside of team meets and it’s great for the parent to take the time to do this and help them out with anything they may be struggling with.

Many children are reluctant to participate in team sport. Perhaps they prefer to play video games or play alone. All children are different, and many may worry about fitting in or not being good enough. With a supportive, friendly team, this should never be the case. As they build their skills and come to see the rewards of their work, they will come to see the important of resiliance and not giving up. Within a team, when working together and seeing the positive outcomes of this work, they will also gain happiness and a boost of self esteem as their sense of belonging is solidified.

Within a team sport, there is a strong need to communicate. Your child will be in different situations and environments that will require them to come out of their shell, and this will have a lasting effect. They will become more sociable, and the longer they stay in the team and play games, they will come to learn important lessons about winning, encouragement and co-operation. It feels good to know you have positivity and support from your team mates, so help your child to develop these skills.

A sporting hobby is wonderful for any child, so if they have the opportunity to play in a team, it’s a great chance for them to develop themselves and make new friends along the way.

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