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Do your kids love getting into the kitchen? Mine do. Unfortunately, I am not one of those admirable patient Mum’s who engage in long intricate craft activities and baking projects.  I much prefer the as-little-mess-in-as-little-time approach. If your kids are anything like mine the novelty wears off fairly quickly and I am left spooning in the muffin mixture, or gluing on the eyes, whichever the task may be.  When little fingers want to create, this is where I turn. These recipes are quick, easy, fun, healthy and delicious; they keep us all happy.

Our six ingredient Chocolate Fudgey Goodness takes minutes to make and if you are not careful just as long to eat! Let the kids whip this one up, you will be well rewarded.

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Run Drink Run is perhaps the perfect smoothie. Have it as a snack or as a meal. Do not let the spinach put you off, I promise neither you or the kids will know it’s there. Once your little ones know this recipe off by heart you may never need to cook again.

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Everyone loves mousse, right? Our Coconut and Raspberry Mousse takes seconds to make, leaves only one bowl to wash, and is instantly ready to be devoured.

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Let the kiddies run free on the proviso that they share. Trust me; the outcome will be worth it.

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02-webWritten by School Mum Bianca from Wholefood Simply – Enjoyment is Bianca’s first rule when it comes to food, followed very closely by simplicity. She hopes to relish everything that passes her lips. Her diet is an abundance of fruit and vegetables, garnished with nuts and seeds, she loves it all. She hopes to instill this passion in her children.



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