5 Healthy Kids Party Food Ideas


bigstock-Fruit-salad-in-a-plastic-lunch-42096013 (Small)According to my kids the best part of their birthday parties is the cake and the party bags. For me it’s the decorating and the games but for those domestic goddesses out there it’s all about the food!

Personally I don’t mind my kids getting stuck into the cheezels, fairy bread and cupcakes at a party as it’s a special treat for them and not every day food. However, I do also respect those mum’s that try to avoid all the artificial preservatives, colours and flavours and look for healthier alternatives for kids parties than your traditional cheerios and party pies.

  1. Presentation – kids love all the bright colours of a party so rather than trying to theme or decorate with colourful food, use colourful platters and bowls instead and match them to your theme. Or be creative and serve in toys or novelty items that match your theme, e.g. mini cauldrons for a Harry Potter party, mini top hats for a magic party, toy train for a  Thomas party, hard hats for a Bob the Builder party, etc.  It doesn’t matter what you put in them the kids won’t be able to help themselves from trying it!
  2. Fruit skewers – these will usually entice even the most avid fruit hater, especially if you drizzle a bit of chocolate or have a nice yummy yoghurt dip. Use colourful easy to spike fruit, like rockmelon, grapes and strawberries, and if you don’t mind them having some sweets pop a marshmallow in the middle.
  3. Vegetable sticks – same with the fruit it’s about how you present it, use your imagination to create a fun way to serve and present your carrot, celery and cucumber sticks and the kids will love it. I have seen skeletons, angry birds (made from cherry tomatoes), pirate ships and more. You can also do vegetable skewers with a yummy dipping sauce or home made dip like hommous or put out individual cups with veggie and cheese sticks with some kind of dip in the bottom.
  4. Sandwiches – again it’s all a bit using a bit of creativity (and google!).  I’ve seen a snake made from subs and a caterpillar made with wraps. Get out your cooky cutters too and cut out sandwiches to match your theme. Kids are more likely to eat sandwiches if they look quick and easy to eat, i.e. bite size with no crusts so they can eat and run.  You can also do bread squares on a skewer with fillings in between like ham and cheese or mini hamburger sandwiches with layers of things.
  5. Drinks  – serve fresh smoothies or milkshakes, or water in coloured cups with colourful straws or novelty cups they can take home as party favor.  Make coloured ice cubes to put in them or novelty shaped ice cubes, e.g. lego men.

To end the party on a healthy note, instead of lolly bags, give out party bags filled with novelties to match the theme or an art/craft activity for the kids to take home and do to remind them of the fun they had!

Written By – Michelle Eckles from www.childrenspartysupplies.com.au and www.ezykidsparties.com.au

Michelle is the founder of Ezy Kids Parties which offers party services across the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, in over 20 themes. We love to keep kids entertained and parents stress free, making every child’s birthday full of good old fashion fun and wonderful memories.

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