524527_618007068276035_2059712248_nThe first time I made this I had intended on delivering it to my neighbour, but it didn’t get there. My children barricaded the kitchen. The three of us succumbed to sitting on the floor, each with a spoon in hand, and digging straight in. Pink smiles from ear to ear.

An Instant snack, dessert or breakfast. My kids often have this after school. Free from gluten, grains, dairy, nuts, egg and refined sugar

This recipe is quick and easy and full of goodness, we enjoy it any time.

Coconut and Raspberry Mousse

1 avocado

1 frozen banana

1 cup frozen raspberries

1 tablespoon coconut milk

Place ingredients into your blender in the order listed above, blend until smooth and well combined. Enjoy!

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Written by School Mum Bianca from Wholefood Simply – Enjoyment is Bianca’s first rule when it comes to food, followed very closely by simplicity. She hopes to relish everything that passes her lips. Her diet is an abundance of fruit and vegetables, garnished with nuts and seeds, she loves it all. She hopes to instill this passion in her children.




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