Letters For My Daughers – Dear Legs


*This series of blog posts are letters being sent in by women all over the world who have decided to change the way they talk and see themselves by reframing their thoughts and feelings towards the parts of their bodies they have been hating on for so long. Our children are listening and watching and learning and it is up to us to show them how to love and accept themselves just the way they are by loving and accepting ourselves.

This beautiful letter was sent in by one of our followers … PLEASE send in your letters so we can keep hearing some great messages to ourselves that we are perfect just the way we are!!!

Dear legs,

We have had a love/hate relationship our whole lives. Skinny ankles, no knees and chunky thighs…..mmmmm sounds like a perfect base for a chicken casserole. Long shorts make you look short and dumpy, short shorts are ok so long as you haven’t put on weight this month, maxi dresses hide you but I’m short so I look like I am wearing a tent, Capri pants highlight the thigh to ankle ratio, skirts and dresses are good…we love those!

But seriously legs we have been through so much, you have backpacked me through Europe, surfed, snowboarded, we took our first steps together and will take our last, you carried me when I was carrying my babies (even though they ruined you and gave you god awful veins), you have endured heels that were just not humane to wear, I’ve run, walked, squatted, lunged and kickboxed you and yet you sill carry me through life every day like an old friend who will never leave.

I have made peace with you, some hail damage is a mark of how you endured a few different dress sizes over time, varicose veins removed and spider veins remaining are a mark of the beautiful babies I carried and birthed, my scars are a lifetime of bumps and falls from my clumsy nature. You are what you are, you aren’t ever going to be ripped cause we have to run after kids for a lifetime rather than run a marathon, but you are mine, and the places we have taken each other are beautiful.

Let’s keep walking and making memories.

Yours gratefully

Your body.


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