Easy Budget Friendly DIY Carnival Themed Birthday Party


I went to a birthday party the other day with my preppie and it was pretty awesome!  The moment we walked into the party there was an instant WOW.  It was so simple yet such a fun idea and the kids were all pumped.

I asked the mum if she minded if I took some photos to share on the blog as I thought lots of mums and dads out there might love this inspiration as I know it has me thinking for our next birthday party.

Essentially what happened was each child had the opportunity to go around to each game station and have a play.  When they were successful in completing the task (they had as long as they needed to complete it) they got a ticket or two or three or four.

After spending an hour or so going through all of the birthday party carnival activities all of the children each had a stash of tickets.  At the end of the party they each got a party bag which they could cash in their tickets for some lolly winning.

How fun is that!!  Below is some photo inspiration of the games they set up for the carnival party.

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Seriously awesome idea right!!! 



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