6 Reasons Why Making Your Own Yogurt From Home Is Awesome …


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For nearly 10 years I have been making my own yogurt from scratch.  It is the bestest!!  I have encouraged so many of my friends to give it a go and they too have fallen in love with homemade yogurt.

Firstly, it tastes amazing!!  I can understand it could be hard to imagine how yogurt in a powdered form – which you just add water to – can taste delicious and creamy but seriously it is AMAZING.  I love my yogurt so I am not saying this lightly.  If you don’t believe me just ask my two daughters who refuse to eat any other yogurt except the one we have made at home.

For our household it is just the one yogurt that is loved by all.  It is the EasiYo full fat unsweetened Greek style yogurt.  The reduced fat is still pretty good but we do go full fat all the way in our house as it is delicious.


Secondly, I love that if we run out of yogurt mid-week I don’t have to run to the shops to get some more, I always have at least three sachets in the cupboard.  It takes me less than five minutes to make up a batch of yogurt which is nothing.  I have two one litre containers so once we are running low on one batch of yogurt, I put another batch on so it will be ready when the other one runs out.  I either pop it on first thing in the morning or just before bed at night.

You literally just boil a jug of water, empty the yogurt sachet into an EasiYo one litre jar, fill the rest of the container up with room temperature tap water and add desired amount of sugar or sweetener (this is optional if you are not using a flavoured yogurt) then thoroughly mix the water and powder together.  Once the jug has boiled, you empty it into the yogurt maker filling it to the max line inside.  You then place the yogurt solution you have made into the yogurt maker and pop the lid on.  Once you have done this, you leave it to sit on the bench for 8-12 hours, which for me, is either overnight or all day. Once you get up in the morning or just before bedtime, move the yogurt jar into the fridge for few hours and you are good to go.  It really is that easy!


Thirdly, what I love about making my own yogurt is we get to decide how much sugar is in it.  For those who are watching their sugar intake, the natural and plain Greek style yogurts are great as they only contain natural milk sugars.  However, the girls do find a straight natural yogurt just a little too sour.  I like to add two tablespoons of raw sugar to each kilogram of yogurt I make which takes the edge off the sour, making it a little sweet while keeping the sugar content reasonable.  The great thing is you can add any sweetener you want whether that be honey, rice malt syrup, coconut sugar etc.  I like that I have control of sugar content and that is a massive win for me.

Fourthly, I like that I know what all of the ingredients are in EasiYo yogurt.  There are literally two main ingredients in the yogurt we eat, which are milk solids and yogurt cultures.  I love the fact that all of the good yogurt cultures are still in there when you make your own yogurt from home.  A spoonful of EasiYo yogurt contains billions of beneficial live cultures. It has been scientifically proven that the number and the viability of probiotic cell counts significantly decrease over the shelf life of a yogurt. Yogurt made fresh at home and consumed in the first week of making will have significantly more health benefits providing viable probiotic cultures.


Fifthly, Easiyo yogurt sachets are made from highest quality New Zealand milk powder that has been freeze dried, natural colours, natural flavouring, sugars and cultures. They do not contain stabilisers, emulsifiers, artificial colouring or preservatives.  Many yogurts on the market these days have long lists of added ingredients and I love that this is not the case with the yogurt we make from scratch.  There are also no gluten, wheat or meat products (such as gelatine) in EasiYo yogurts.

Sixthly, it makes a great and affordable lunch option.  I use reusable squeeze pouches in our household with the girls.  I find filling them with our home made yogurt, popping them in the freezer before adding them to school lunchboxes is a winner with my kids.


So have I convinced you lol?  I do know this is a sponsored post but I have really really been making my own yogurt for 10 years now and was super excited to be working with EasiYo as it is one of the brands and products I think is great!

EasiYo is very accessible and is available from Big W, Woolworths, IGA and online

  • EasiYo yogurt maker RRP $24.99
  • EasiYo 1L yogurt sachets RRP from $4.50

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