Win 1 Of 6 Hackit Kitchen Tools


Step aside Thermomix the Hackit has come to Australia!!! If you’ve struggled to break up mince in the pan with a wooden spoon or fork when making bolognese, lasagne, tacos or chilli con carne, then the Hackit will be your new best friend.

But the versatile Hackit can be used in lots of ways – such as for making dips, crushing fruit, chopping soft vegetables, and crushing biscuits to form biscuit bases for cakes.  You can find out more about them here …

Win 1 of 6 Hackit Kitchen Tools



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  1. Yes, Yes, Yes – A big help in any kitchen, hackit seems to be the perfect way to easily to prepare pan fry up’s and spag’ bol’ of course. With a family member living with type1 diabetes and coeliac disease (a gluten free diet) we make most meals from scratch and hackit would mean having to scratch a whole lot less!

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