7 Ways To Help Your Kids Take Medicine


It is a tricky scenario when you know your kids need to take medicine but it’s going to be a battle to get them to have it?

They hate the taste, they hate the feeling of it etc.  It takes a whole lot of patience and maybe just a few tricks. We recently asked the SchoolMum Community on facebook how they had solved this simple but often stressful problem and they came up with hundreds of answers. They fell into these 7 categories mostly.

Here’s 7 tips that may help your kids take their medicine:

  1. Have a drink ready to go for immediately after they take the medicine.  It will help rinse away any nasty after-tastes.
  2. Conceal it in something like yoghurt, honey, juice, milk, nutella etc.
  3. Change flavours (if possible). For example, try the orange flavour if they don’t like the strawberry flavour etc. You can often chat to the chemist about another brand or option for a similar product that will give you the same result.
  4. Pretend to give some to a favourite doll or teddy before giving it to your child.
    “Look, teddy is taking his medicine..” Role playing can be really helpful both at the time and even when the kids are not sick.
  5. Give them a little treat, like a jelly bean or smartie after they have taken their medicine. Some call it bribery hehe – we like to think of it as a reward. “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…”
  6. Under your careful eye, once you have measured out the medicine, let them actually take it themselves. Sometimes just by having that control they will take it.
  7. Suppositories are sometimes the only way. Please chat to your chemist or doctor about this as it can also be stressful.

You can read the rest of the detailed responses on facebook or below.

Best of luck!

How do you get your kids to take medicine? One of our School Mums is after your advice as she has a young daughter who…

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