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Popular columnist and blogger Mrs Woog lifts the lid on a world that’s part jungle, part nursery, a place both sweet and feral, where the rule of law is tenuous at best and primitive desires hold sway over order and discipline. And wait till you see the children!

We’re talking about primary school, that special place where little kids turn into big kids, where letters turn into words, numbers turn into more confusing numbers and lunchboxes turn into bacterial breeding grounds. Where teachers rule (mostly) and parents realise primary school’s not just for children – that they’re back at school too, just in different roles.

Having been a student during the Smurf, Swatch and Strawberry Shortcake era, and then a teacher in tough-as-nails South London and a back-of-Woop Woop country school, Mrs Woog knew her way around a primary school and thought nothing could surprise or intimidate her – until she became a primary school parent!

You’ll laugh till lemonade comes out of your nose in this irreverent, hilarious, no-holds-barred and loving homage to primary school and all who dwell in it. Therapy for former teachers, a revelation to prospective parents, a trip down memory lane for us all, Primary School Confidential is a joy to read and essential homework for anyone interested in what really happens beyond the school gate.

Some of the reviews include … 

“Loved this book! If you want a great laugh and an easy read, you must read this book. Mrs Woog takes you on a trip down memory lane attending primary school in Australia. I laughed out loud in so many parts of the book. Best part of all is I can read the author’s blog to get another dose of hilarious reading.” 

“A trip down memory lane of primary school years and all the thrills and spills (literally!) that came with it. 
Mrs Woog takes us behind the forbidden Staff Only door into her world of teaching, confirming what students suspected – teachers do have favourites and some less than pleasant thoughts about other students. 
Nodding away with a grin or a cringe, bringing back memories and experiences (some best forgotten), a humorous and honest book every former student and current parents of primary school age kids will relate to and enjoy.  Sit up, don’t slouch. Eyes forward, be quiet, and read this book. No cheating.”
“Hilarious!!! I loved reading this book. It brought back so many memories of my childhood and my teaching experience. Broken down into three sections – Mrs Woogs primary school years, her time as a primary school teacher and lastly, her years as a primary school mother.  Well written and full of laughs, this book brings a lighthearted look at primary school from those three different perspectives. Seriously, do yourself a favour and read this book!!!!”

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