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We finally made it to the cinema today to see Finding Dory. I wanted to write a quick review for those of you still wondering about going.

This is the much anticipated follow up to the world-wide smash hit Finding Nemo and its been so long between these movies. My sons who initially loved the first movie are probably a little past this one but as with all of the great animated movies, they can be appreciated at any age if you are open to them.

Now sequels aren’t always what they are cracked up to be by their hopeful creators, but I found that this one worked well on its own. It didn’t try to be a copy of the original. By re-focussing on another character, the likeable but quirky Dory, Pixar have given the story a way to branch out naturally.

The movie lacks a bit of the surprise factor from the original but it still packs plenty of novel ideas and plenty of laughs. Humour is a strength of the franchise with a wide array of ocean dwellers to choose from, the writers have creatively kept the pace up throughout.

Just a heads-up that the movie does have some sad moments and can be a bit of a rollercoaster for the littler ones. My youngest (5 y/o) was crying in a few parts as the tension built and then again with joy later on.

Finding Dory manages, through several teachable moments, to press the point that what may initially be seen as a weakness or impairment can also be a strength.

My family comments

Mr 14: I really liked how they kept flashing back to Dory’s childhood throughout the movie.

Mr 11: It was cool. I really liked it!

Miss 5: I liked the part of the movie where the whale helped but I got a bit worried and sad too sometimes.






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