Head Lice – Be Afraid … Be Very Afraid


HEAD LICE ….. just the mention of those two words makes me shudder and start scratching my head!! eeeek

Every parent fears them or at least every parent I have ever spoken to!! You know the moment when you open your child’s school bag and see a note, you take it out and start reading …… “just letting you know there has been a case of head lice reported in your child’s classroom, can you please check your child’s head to make sure they have not contracted them” ….. DREAD!!

Since my daughter was born she has hated us going anywhere near her hair. At times I would try and be sneaky and get a quick brush in but she always knew and would start screaming before I even managed to get contact with her hair.  I told her unless she lets us brush her hair she had to keep it short, so she opted to keep it short.

This year she started prep and I have been dreading the thought of head lice.  Though we have managed to work out some regular hair brushing now, with the help of some pink fairy detangling spray, head lice is a whole other story.

Below is a great post from the School Mum facebook page with some tips and tricks of dealing with head lice at school ….


head lice



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