School Mum Cliques – Still??


I personally struggle to get my head around the fact that as grown adults with children we are still participating in behaviour similar to that of our children.  School yard cliques.  Yes, I am referring to mums not kids and that makes me sad.

Sad because we are the ones demonstrating to our children how to behave and treat people, sad because it will never make us happy, sad because of the amount of stories I hear from women who are struggling because they feel rejected by other mothers in their children’s class.

I was always a little bit different at school.  I never quite fit as hard as I tried.  I was an out of the box thinker, who talked alot and did what I wanted rather than what the crowd did.  I guess as a result of this I became OK with not “fitting in”.  Once I left school, life became awesome for me.  There were so many more options of people I could connect with and quickly I found my people.

I personally don’t struggle with school yard cliques because I am ok with me and I find the people I connect with and don’t worry about all the other stuff.  These connections are mutual and the moment I feel like someone is treating me like they think they are better than me I walk away and find other relationships with mutual respect.

Below is a post from the School Mum facebook page and a whole heap of different responses from mothers and how they deal with the School Mum cliques …




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