If You Have Unstable Blood Glucose Levels OR Inflammation In Your Body You Need To Check This Out…


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When I was pregnant with my 3rd child I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This kind of freaked me out.  Not because anything bad was going to happen but because I knew that for whatever reason if you got diagnosed with GD you were given a 50% chance of getting diabetes later in life.

50% is a pretty massive statistic and that is what freaked me out the most. I am not considered overweight and I do exercise semi regularly but I have to admit I love my chocolate lol, though I was told over and over again that it was nothing I did but something that just happens to some pregnant women.  After having my number 3 everything seemed to go back to normal which was great however I am not in the clear yet.  From what I am aware I have to get tested every year for the next 10 years before they will tell me I am in the clear.

So knowing that I have a 50% chance of getting diabetes in the next 10 years my ears pricked up when I heard about the launch of a product which is said to help with high blood glucose levelsand reduce inflammation at the cellular level.


The product is called Arborvitae and its formulation – Aloe vera, Pinus pinaster (aka Pycogenol) and Papain – is based on years of testing andresearch into the impact of inflammation in the human body.  Research has shown that pinus pinaster and aloe vera are both potent antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties and support a healthy immune system. Taking Arborvitae is said to help normalize blood glucose levels. This all sounds a bit too good to be true I know haha. The interesting thing about this company when they asked me to try it out was they encouraged me to get a blood test both before I started taking the Arborvitae and again 10 days after starting to take it.  They said “blood tests don’t lie” and they are so confident that this product does what it says it is going to do that they encourage you to get the data yourself from a third party.

Due to not being pregnant anymore I could not test my blood sugar levels because they are currently stable.  I did however still take Arbovitae to test it out and discovered something interesting myself.

Now this was totally unexpected but upon my own personal research it seemed legit.  Since having my 3rd bubba I have started suffering from psoriasis on my scalp.  My theory is my 3 children have drained me of all my bodily goodness and I am starting to breakdown lol.  In all seriousness though, it has been making me mental.  Crazy, itchy, flakey mental.  So I noticed after a few days of taking Arbovitae that my flaky itchy scalp was not so flaky and itchy anymore.

I was not looking for this to happen but the longer I took this product the better my scalp psoriasis got.  I thought maybe it was a coincidence so started to do a bit of research on the ingredients online and found out that indeed some of what I was taking was known to help treat psoriasis.  BOOM!!

This product is TGA listed and each mL of the Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing Supplement contains:

Pinuspinaster (Maritime pine) stem bark conc. Ext. equiv. to dry 1.56g
Stand. to contain procyanidins 1.82mg
Papain 2.4mg
Sodium Chloride 3mg
Aloe vera dried in. leaf juice equiv. to fresh juice 350mg
  • Contains potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate
  • No added milk, gluten or starch
  • Not suitable for infants under the age of twelve months
  • Arborvitae will not affect nor contravene current medications

If you have any specific questions or concerns we always recommend you chat to a doctor or health professional and you can check out more about Arborvitae here


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