Super Easy Paper Plate Duck Craft


Here is a fun paper plate duck craft to try with your kids using things you will already have at home.

You will need: duck3
1 paper plate
yellow paint
paint brush
orange paper
google eye (optional)
wooden pegs (optional)

Step One

Paint the paper plate yellow. You can use paint or even colour it in with felt pen.
(For this one I used a can of yellow spray paint I already had in my garage).

Step Two

While the paint is drying, trace around your child’s hand on the orange paper. Cut out the hand. This will form the duck’s tail.


Step Three

With the remaining orange paper, cut out a circle as the head, 2 webbed feet and a beak.  You can either draw your own or use our Paper-Plate-Duck-Template


Step Four

Fold the paper plate in half. Glue the hand cut-out on to the back end as the tail and then glue on the head, beak and feet.


Step Five

Either draw on an eye or glue on a google eye if you have one.

Step Six (optional)

If you like, you can then paint 5 wooden pegs yellow and attach them to the back of your duck to go along with the “Five Little Ducks” story or song, removing a peg every time a duck doesn’t return!!


Here’s an easy way to paint wooden pegs!









Mother Duck said Quack, Quack, Come Back…….and all of the little ducks came back!




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