Why Saving Newborn Babies Is Important To Me


save-the-children-hero 2It is 4 weeks before I am officially due to have baby number 3 and I can’t wait.   This is my fourth pregnancy but will be my third baby in the flesh if all goes well.  I don’t know about other mother’s but even 8 months in I still carry around this quiet anxiety that maybe something could happen and we might not ever meet our little guy??

I miscarried at 16 weeks with my second pregnancy and have had quite a few friends who never got to meet their precious little gifts.  I was diagnosed 4 weeks ago with gestational diabetes (first time ever since being pregnant) and as hectic as that has been … it really has … there is this part of me that is grateful to live in a country where I can access medical attention and care FOR FREE to make sure that me and my baby are as healthy as possible with the best prospects for a great outcome for everyone.

After finding out a bit more about the One A Day campaign and that one million newborn babies don’t survive their first day of life (for mostly preventable reasons) it breaks my heart to think of all those mother’s who have gone through 9 months of pregnancy to lose their precious little ones.

You can find out more at oneday.org.au and read a story written by Rebecca Judd below which makes you think and makes me realise how so very lucky I am to live where I do and have access to such a great healthcare system for free …

My lovely daughter Billie was born four months ago. I felt so lucky to have access to a good hospital and a wonderful obstetrician and midwife. I felt blessed to have had a quick, pain-free birth and a healthy baby girl.

Today when I look down at my little girl, I feel like the luckiest mother in the world. It’s a feeling I will never take for granted because for millions of women around the world, they’re not so lucky.

Tragically, one million newborn babies do not survive their first day of life each year. It’s devastating to think these mothers only have one day with their babies.

One day to see them open their eyes. One day to hear them cry. One day to feel their warm skin against their cheek.

What’s even worse is that these deaths could be avoided if there was a midwife on hand to make sure the birth took place safely and there was basic healthcare available.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to have just one day with your newborn baby ? it’s utterly heartbreaking to think about.

That’s why I’m supporting Save the Children’s One Day campaign.

We’re aiming to raise $600,000 by June 30. These funds could train 600 midwives with the basic skills needed to save a child’s life.

I hope you’ll join with me and give today to help save newborn lives today because tomorrow is too late.

Together we can make sure mums in poor communities have the joy of watching their children grow ? and so babies have the chance to live longer than one day.


Rebecca Judd
Save the Children Ambassador

*This post has been sponsored by Save The Children



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