Tips and Tricks for Avoiding Getting a Cold or Flu this Winter


bigstock-Girl-looking-out-window-on-a-r-26173829 (Medium)Ahh winter, cold weather, warm fires, extra blankets and of course, the lovely cold and flu season.

So how do you prevent your young child from getting a cold? The truth in the matter is that you can’t truly prevent it. There are always new strands going around and sadly some people are just susceptible to get it (my husband included …. man flu every year).

Many Mums on the facebook page have however shared some  great tips on preventing and making the sick time a bit easier to deal with during the season.

  1. The best defense against the cold or flu is to have your child play outside. Let them play in the dirt. Avoid using too many disinfectants. Doing this will help your child build an immunity to diseases.
  2. The diet can have a lot to do with the child getting sick or not. Be sure to increase the intake of fresh veggies and fruit. It is important to increase vitamins. Add extra garlic to your food, and extra onion.
  3. Olive leaf extract is great for building the immune system.
  4. Plenty of rest, fresh air and very importantly, teach the importance of hand washing.
  5. Drinking freshly juiced pineapple is meant to help with coughing and colds it works better than cough syrup according to many mums. Juiced apple, carrot and celery every morning is a great source of natural vitamin c.
  6. Cut an onion in half and put it a glass next to their bed. Change the onion weekly. The onion absorbs the bacteria that is in the air.
  7. Lots of sunshine and outdoor activities (it’s being cooped up in close confines that makes people more susceptible in winter) and a kid’s multivitamin.

While you can’t completely prevent illnesses, there is plenty that you can do to build up the immunity. The best thing to do is not stress when your child gets sick as the good news is after some time, the child will have built their immunity up naturally.



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