The Imperfections of a Perfect Lunchbox


GhabebaMost people look at my Facebook page – What’s For Lunch, and are overwhelmed by the lunch boxes I put together for my daughter.  All her lunches I try to make package free and look great. Why?… Because I’ve got nothing better to do. I like to think that it inspires people, helps them out or just brightens their day. More importantly its an avenue to express my creativity. The most time I spend making a lunch box would be 15 min.

My tips for making lunches are:
– Planning in advance what will go into it for the week,
– Take an hour or two of food prep once a week to help speed up the process this includes any baked goods (most baked goods last for months)
– Always keep a loaf of bread in the freezer for emergencies,
– Cut up all veggies, grate the cheese and cook up pasta ready to go.

Lunches don’t have to be stressful. I hate mundane and like to spice it up with some sandwich art. Try it out it’s easier than it looks, you don’t need any special tools. Lets face it, if you have kids you are going to be lunches for a long time.. might as well make it interesting. Something to remember is it doesn’t have to be perfect and through your child’s eyes it will look perfect and that’s good enough.

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