Let The Kids Pack Their Lunch … Brilliance or Insanity??


lunch A while back I decided to take the plunge and give my two darling masters of the house the “privilege”  of packing their own lunch boxes.  This was in fact the word I used to entice them into doing it themselves.  I thought it absolutely brilliant to give myself at least one day off per week.  Alas…the exuberant feeling of my brilliance did not last long at all.

I am not one of those mothers that work out every nutritional fact on everything that goes into a lunch box.  Quite frankly, by the time I get from work, play taxi to various sport activities, thought (only) about a wonderful  Nigella Lawson’s recipe for dinner (by the way, I want to interrupt myself by saying if I was interested in woman, which sometimes I consider after picking up after three males in my house, the oh so lovely Nigella comes to mind.  She makes food look so delicious and the way she just casually puts everything in her mouth is quite sensual)…. now where was I … oh, dinner.

After I thought about these wonderful recipes I can make at 6:30 at night I usually end up making either pasta (with the pre-made sauce) or the Woolworths meatballs with pre-made sauce or party pies (as the kids need to be in bed by 8 and to get myself organised to make the recipe will take an hour).  After the boys go to bed with a cup of Milo, I literaly throw together two sandwiches with jam , an apple and a pre-made treat in each lunchbox so I can have a bath in peace.

Coming back to the little pleasures in life, I thought it will save me some time to get the boys to pack their own lunchbox at least once a week.  Last night I nearly fainted after I had 30 seconds of feeling guilty and decided to look what they had packed.  The eldest had a packet of raw 2 minute noodles and one carrot.  The youngest discovered the snake lollies in the cupboard and his lunchbox choices were snakes ( the whole packet) and an apple.  He probably thought the apple would make up for the snakes.

I know it boils down to me sitting them down and telling them about the nutritional expectations of a lunch box, but quite frankly I think I may have lunchbox exhaustion…..

Luckily the school also have Flexischool and I dutifully added some good things to be delivered (as in a salad), whilst lying in bubbles in the bath with a glass of wine, doing it on my iPhone.

Hopefully I will not have a iPhone water death soon….

Oh.. and I did remove the packet of snakes.

Written By Adri Van Rensburg




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