Dear Tay Tay PLEASE Don’t Go Cray Cray


For years we have all watched celebrity young teenage musicians who seem so sweet and adorable get to a point where they go off the rails. Britany Spears, Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus to name a few.

More than anything I feel sorry for them as I could not imagine all of the pressure they are under to be something they think they need to be.

On the one had they have lots of money and most likely friends and pretty much anything they like but on the other hand I imagine they question the depth of connection, friendship and opportunities based on whether people want to be around them for their fame or who they really are.

These are all obviously assumptions but just some thoughts I have had.

There is this part of me though that wants to believe it is possible for these amazingly talented young celebrities to get through those difficult years without losing the plot. I want to believe that it is possible to remain balanced and make good choices and be an excellent role model to our kids who are often the reason they are in the position they are.

Both of my daughters are quite the fan of Taylor Swift and I have to say that I am too. So I have decided to write her a letter because the interwebs is pretty amazing, in the hope that maybe … just maybe … she will stumble across it …

Dear Taylor

For years my daughters and I have been listening to your music. I have a Miss 7 and a Miss 5 and we have had many a pyjama dance party to the likes of Shake It Off.

Firstly I want to thank-you for how you have presented yourself to my daughters so far in your career.

I understand times change and people grow up and as life rolls on I am sure the pressure of success and evolution of your music continues. I just want you to know that we don’t need to see more of your skin or have you sing about more risky sex driven topics and sell yourself out for more fame.

We love you just as you are. We love your music just as it is. Sure I understand you want to mix things up and keep it interesting but I just want you to know that you don’t have to hang it all out there to keep it interesting.

Millions of young girls are watching you, including my own. And without wanting to load the pressure on, ‘being amazing’ these days, in my opinion, is the capacity for self restraint and keeping it classy. It seems just about every young celebrity musician ends up losing the plot, taking to drugs and showing more skin because supposedly sex and attitude sells.

I just want you to know that being awesome and keeping it clean, positive and classy also sells. Your past work is testament to that!

You will probably never read this but I thought hey, what the heck because with all of my heart I hope and pray that Tay Tay does not go Cray Cray…..

With love and respect

Samantha, Miss 7 and Miss 5 xx



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