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originals-134I’ve got a secret …. can you guess?? YEP we are having another baby!!! FAR OUT don’t quite know what we were thinking hahaha AND I am only 8 weeks pregnant which means yes, I broke the 12 week rule …. you know the one that says you shouldn’t tell anyone until you are 12 weeks pregnant.

To be honest I never really got that? I mean you are either pregnant or you are not.  You see I have had a miscarriage before but I wasn’t 12 weeks I was actually 16 week so I guess the 12 week rule didn’t apply.  I could have done the “right” thing and not told anybody but alas it would have made no difference.

I do find it really strange that we have this culture in society which says it is best not to tell anyone you are pregnant until after 12 weeks in case you lose it before then.  Not telling people does not change the outcome in any way but possibly forces lots of women all over the place to suffer in silence.  There is no shame in miscarriage. For some women they might prefer privacy and I can understand that but I think others would appreciate the support and understanding.

The amount of people who do a double take when I tell them I am only 8 weeks pregnant is really interesting.  It is as if they are thinking why are you telling people ummmm because I am pregnant and I feel terrible and I don’t have the energy to pretend I am not and if I miscarry that is quite normal and there is nothing wrong with me.

I have met quite a few women who carry so much shame, guilt and sadness still from miscarriages they have had but are only speaking out about it years later.  I find this so sad that they felt forced into silence for so long.  We as a culture run away from anything that makes us feel sad or uncomfortable and we don’t want to know about it.  The thing is you can’t bury this stuff it always finds its way out.

How sad for women that they are made to feel like they have to keep their pregnancy quiet in case they have a miscarriage because it might be upsetting for everybody and it is best to keep that quiet.

Miscarriage is quite normal.  There are a certain percentage of pregnancies that don’t form properly at the start and our bodies naturally let them go.  I realise for some women it can be more complex that this but the numbers of miscarriage are as high as 30-40% I have heard.

My intention for this blog post is not to offend or upset it is just my thoughts.  So yes I am pregnant … about 8 weeks pregnant.  My family know, my friends know, our kids know and now my lovely facebook friends know too.  There is a chance I might have a miscarriage but a good chance I won’t.  Either way I am excited and hoping for the best and will keep you posted on the exciting times to come 🙂

Written By Sam Shazzam  AKA School Mum



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