What Kind of Expenses are there for Prep School?


bigstock-Young-Boy-trying-to-think-of-i-11708090 (Small)It’s that time for your little one to go into school. It’s an exciting time for the two of you. Your little one is excited that she will be learning new things and making new friends. You are excited for her, maybe even a little sad because your child is now beginning the journey or leaving the nest.

One question that might be burning in your head; what are you about to spend for prep school? The expenses for prep schools can vary from school to school. It also depends on the child and the sex. Some schools may use a sliding scale method to tell you what you will spend. What a sliding scale means is that the school will charge according to your annual household income. Then of course you would have the expenses of uniforms books lunches and excursions. Some mums reported paying between $50 to as much as a few thousand dollars for expenses for prep school but on average you might be looking at somewhere between $250-$350.

The best thing that you could do is to call the prep school that your child would attend, and ask them for a print out of expenses. Many schools will have a syllabus which would tell you if you need certain books, money for excursions, and uniforms. Of course you have the child’s daily needs such as lunches, pens pencils, bags ECT. Put extra money away for extra uniforms, you may have a need to replace them though out the year. Have money put away for the planned excursions, this way you have no surprises. Happy Schooling!

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