1744One of my fondest memories I have growing up was when my mum would let me “skip a day of school” and we  would catch the bus together into the city to meet my Aunty Pam (her sister) for lunch.

This was something that only ever happened on occasion (maybe twice a year) but it will always be in my memory.  It was just mum and me.  I was the youngest child of 3 in my family and I don’t have lots of memories of one on one time with my parents.  I remember clearly that we would always catch a banana bus.  You know the ones that were super long with a bendy bit in the middle.  We would always sit in the bendy bit and the seat would turn and swivel when the bus went around corners and it was fun.

I always felt like a little bit of rebel as I was “wagging” a day of school to go to the city with my mum just for fun and it was the best.

My parents were very strict with us going to school.  I would have to be dying to miss a day of school except for those particular days.

Since my daughter has been going to school I have taken on my mother’s approach of unless you are dying you are going to school.  I know with my oldest daughter if you give an inch she takes mile so we have had to be very clear that Monday-Friday are non-negotiable school days.

That said, I have been thinking recently that I want to start my own traditions with my kiddos of “special” one on one time.  There is something about being a little naughty with your kiddos that creates a connection.  I am not talking about breaking the law kind of naughty but just bending the rules at times.

I am a bit of a rule bender but only when it doesn’t REALLY mattter e.g. letting my 3 year old wear 2 different socks and shoes to kindy just because she wants to and I think why not.

Creating traditions with your kids is a great way of connecting.  So here is what I am planning for this year.  Once a term I am going to act as normal in the mornings with Miss 6 and 3.  School / kindy lunches and uniforms and off we go.  Drop Miss 3 to kindy but what Miss 6 will not know is that I have packed a secret picnic in the back of the car.  Instead of dropping her to school I am going to drive to a beautiful bushy, hilly picnic spot and spend the day just me and Miss 6 having a picnic and playing in the park.

She will always be surprised with “the day” and it will be her and me (and little bubs once it arrives).  At the moment Miss 3 gets 2 days a week with me and mummy so I know it is Miss 6 who doesn’t get that focused one on one time.

To be honest I am really looking forward to it.  In reality it is just 4 days this year (one a term) I am committing to a surprise picnic day but I know from experience those days will be remembered by my daughter for the rest of her life and this is a tradition I want to continue for all of my kiddos throughout their schooling.  A surprise mum and kid day.

So I encourage you to steal my idea haha OR think about some special traditions you can create with your kids for no intention other than connecting with them and spending some special no agenda one on one time.

I think this kind of thing can make a world of difference … but that’s just me 🙂

Written By Sam Shazzam AKA School Mum



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