Helping Your Child Transition to a New School after Moving


bigstock-The-small-girl-on-a-shoulder-o-34533854 (Small)Moving can be a big deal for a family, especially when it involves changing schools. For children of different ages the experience will have different effects. Reality is that kids are resilient, and bounce back rather quickly, better than most adults actually. If you find that you have a young child that is having difficulties with the idea of the move there are a number of things that you can do to make for a smooth transition.

  1. Talk about all the good points of the move. Let the child know about all the new opportunities that there will be in the new town and school. Talk about how they will make tons of new friends. If you have already found a new house talk about the home, does it have a big yard to play in? What is it close to? Parks, zoos, school, how far from your work, will it allow you to spend more time with them at home?
  2. Assure them that they will be taking everything that belongs to them. That they will get to decorate their new bedroom just the way they want it.
  3. Try to let them in on some of the decision making. Perhaps they can choose their own bedroom. And even help arrange the furniture in the rest of the house.
  4. Get in touch with the parents of the child’s current friends and see if they would allow for supervised Skype visits after the move. This will help the child with staying in contact with their old friends.
  5. If it is possible take you child to see the new school before she starts classes there. This way she can have something familiar to work with, and maybe even new friends to start off with.
  6. Always listen to your child’s fears. They are very real, and they will need your support no matter how silly the fear may seem.

Moving can be scary and exciting at the same time for everyone in the family. If you look for all of the positive reasons about the move (which is probably why you are moving) then the transition will be as easy as pie. Remember most children bounce back better than most adults.



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