30 Days of Twist & Pin eBook


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Join thousands of women who are doing the Twist & Pin. With over 30 days of hairstyle inspiration, you’ll learn easy everyday hairstyles and more intricate formal upstyles in this ebook. There are step-by-step photos of every hairstyle plus tips and tricks to style your own hair at home.

This book costs $14.95, so when it saves you one trip to the hairdresser, it’s already paid for itself by a factor of 10.

The 30 Days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles is an eBook that you can download as a PDF file and read on your computer, phone, iPad or tablet.

Each of the 30 days’ hairstyles is demonstrated with step-by-step pictures, plus clear written instructions and variations for different hair lengths and textures.

Along with the 30 Twist & Pin hairstyles there are 5 bonus hairstyles to further inspire you to get out of your ponytail rut.