Understanding The Facebook Beast E-book


Learn how to make Facebook work for your business and build a thriving and engaged community!


Product Description

Sam Shazzam established her first online business in 2007, the ground-breaking social enterprise Biddy Bags. Approached by the Body Shop’s Wise Foundation in 2009 to establish Bizness Babes in Brisbane, she has since worked with hundreds of small business owners. In 2010 she started the facebook page Aldi Mum which grew to over 60,000 followers and counting.

In 2012 she launched digital media agency Good Funny Smart with co-founder David Drinkall. She now runs countless social media pages and campaigns for a variety of different businesses all boasting great numbers and success. Her latest Facebook project School Mum has attracted over 200,000 followers in just 18 months. In demand as a business speaker and constantly developing new projects, Sam does not just talk the talk she walks the walk.

About This Book


Packed full of practical tips, tricks and ideas – Good, Funny, Smart is a treasure trove of things I have learned that can help you to run growing and engaged communities in Facebookland.
It’s not just my advice either. I have gathered together some hot tips from other successful Facebook page managers including: Deanne Love (Hooplovers), Cat Matson (Hearis), Kelly Long Burstow (Be a Fun Mum),  and Deena Aly (Jumpstar Trampolines).

If there’s one thing I want you to take away from Good, Funny, Smart it’s that “people are the heart of Facebook” and they will love you if you can help make their lives just a little bit easier. This can be as simple as:

– Inspiring them (GOOD)

-Lightening their load by making them laugh (FUNNY)

– Providing solutions to everyday problems (SMART)

I have seen this pattern – Good, Funny, Smart – work again and again on social media and it’s come to be a time and sanity saving road map for getting ahead of the game. I don’t know about you, but I am  a busy working mum so anything I can do to save time is a big win.

One other thing I’ve learnt is that the best time to start something is yesterday, so let’s get cracking BUY THE BOOK and get Facebook working for you!

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