Our 5 Favourite Finds For Kids In Shops Now!



We thought we would start a new post of 5 favourite things we find in the shops suitable for school aged kids each month. They will be readily available at shops (no exclusive boutiques) and we will let you know where you can get them and how much they cost. There will be a great variety of products from food to clothing, toys to craft.

So let’s get started – here are our 5 Favourite Finds this month:

1. Noughts & Crosses

I found this at Kmart this week for $2!  It is a wooden set of noughts & crosses. The kids have already played it and it is now in my handbag for those “need something to do” times!
(*Bonus: it fits perfectly into a sandwich size zip lock bag to keep all the pieces together!)

2. Munchy Pencil Sharpener

I bought some of these at Easter time for the kids to put in their Easter baskets and they loved them. I have since seen them at a few places and they are just a bit of fun, as well as being practical.  As you sharpen your pencil the bunny’s teeth go up and down as if it is munching away at the pencil… They are available in a variety of colours.  I got this one at Woolworths this morning for $2.50 but I have also seen them at Officeworks.

3. Watermelon Socks!

Keep their toes toasty warm in these gorgeous watermelon socks from Cotton On Kids.
At $3.95 a pair, they are too cute not to have!

4. Chris’ Fun Size Dips

I stumbled across these at my local Woolworths and decided to give them a go for the kids lunch boxes. Because I normally do my groceries online, I often miss some of the new products out there. Well….these have been a hit! They come in packs of 3 (60g each) for $3 and are available at Woolworths. You can choose from french onion, hommus, corn relish or tzatziki. Perfect for popping in the lunchboxes with some crackers & carrots. Best bit is they are portion controlled and no double dipping!

 5. All In One Stationery Kits

This is an absolute favourite of ours. Everything the kids need stationery-wise all in the one zipped up pack! In our house, each kid has their own pack and they go everywhere with us…cafes, holidays, road trips etc. They contain pencils, felts, erasers, sharpeners etc.  Better still, if you lose anything it is easily replenished. There is a spot for everything and it is all contained. These beauties are available at Officeworks for $20.

So there we go. This month’s top 5 finds for kids that are in stores now.





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