What’s The Big Deal With JoJo Bows?



Has this craze hit your school yet?  The over-sized hair bow?

If you are a parent of primary-school aged children then you may have noticed this craze in the playground. Massive, brightly coloured hair bows. It would appear that with this current trend, bigger is better!

Large hair bows are not a new thing in gymnastics & dancing circles but they are fast becoming a very popular fashion item. They are usually clipped into either a high ponytail or bun to sit prominently on the top of the head.

Why are they suddenly trendy?

The popularity of the over-sized bow can be traced back to teenage dancing YouTube star, JoJo Siwa, hence why they are often referred to as the JoJo Bow. AND just like loom bands or fidget spinners, they are becoming the next IN thing.

Where can you get them and how much are they?

Well, when I was at my local shopping centre yesterday they were pretty much at every hair & beauty shop. I also saw an aisle of them at my local Kmart in the toys section.

They retail for around $10 each and come in every colour of the rainbow!

Do we own one?

Yes, I have bought my daughter one and she loves it.  JoJo Siwa is quoted as saying “It is more than just a hair accessory, it is a symbol of power, confidence and believing-ness.”  I’m not sure it’s going to provide all of that – but it certainly is a harmless craze and I’m happy for my daughter to have one!





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