Watch the Superbowl Ads


Each year some of the most expensive ads on the planet run during the American Superbowl. Watch the ones released online so far :)Which is your favourite? Kim?


Bud Light

Microsoft: Braylon O’Neill

T-Mobile: Kim Kardashian for DataStash

T-Mobile: Sarah Silverman & Chelsea Handler for Wi-Fi Calling

Budweiser: Lost Dog

Carl’s Jr.: Charlotte McKinney All-Natural

BMW i3: Newfangled Idea

Snickers: The Brady Bunch

Newcastle: Band of Brands with Aubrey Plaza

Mercedes-Benz: Fable

T-Mobile: Data Vulture

Terminator Genisys

mophie: All-Powerless

Nissan: Crazy Plastic Ball Prank with Roman Atwood

Skittles: It Will be Settled (Teaser)

Priceline: Know A Guy

Squarespace: The Cliff –

Kia Sorento: The Perfect Getaway with Pierce Brosnan

McDonald’s: Pay With Lovin’


Esurance: Lindsay Lohan (Teaser)

Pizza Hut: Crust Flavor Challenge with Rex Ryan & Tony Romo

Nationwide Insurance: Invisible with Mindy Kaling

Game of War: Kate Upton

Kingsman: The Secret Service: Like a Spy

Jurassic Park

Victoria’s Secret











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