5 Simple, Easy and Affordable Lunchbox Ideas


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As a follow up to my blog post last week on the 5 Minute Lunchbox (you can read that here) I have put together 5 super easy lunchbox ideas your kids are sure to love.  All of these items are from ALDI and I have put the prices below each lunchbox.

Lunchbox 1


I personally love a ham and cheese sandwich and it is always a winner in our house.  Simple and easy.  Squeezy yogurts are also a popular choice for my kids and they can be great to freeze the night before to keep the lunch cool and be ready for eating after a few hours into the day.  Sesame snaps are also a great healthy treat and who doesn’t love a mini Li’l Snackerz banana.


Hillcrest Sesame Snaps 120g (3 X 40g)  $1.49

Berg Sliced Leg Ham Value Pack 4 X 100g $5.00

Bakers Life Bakehouse Soy Linseed Bread 680g $2.69

Li’l Snackerz Bananas $1.99

Brooklea Yogurt Squishy $0.79c

Westacre 500g Cheese Slices $2.99

Lunchbox 2


Rice and corns cakes are a fantastic backup to have in the cupboard for those days when you have run out of bread or your kids just want something different for a change.  Add some fresh fruit, a Cheestreamer (cheese stick) for some protein, sultanas and some cheese and cracker dip and you are set.  Easy and I know my kids would not hesitate to eat this.


Sweet Vine Australian Sultanas Snack Pack 6 X 40g $1.79

Damora Dippits Cheese Spread & Crispbread 6pk/132 g $1.99

Cowbelle Cheesestreamers 8 pack/160g $3.49

Strawberries 250g $2.99

Damora Rice / Corn Cakes 150g $1.49

Vegemite 455g – $6.59

Lunchbox 3


Sometimes a simple sandwich with a favourite spread is all you need to do the trick.  My eldest daughter loves honey and this Organic Honey from ALDI is a winner.  Add some fresh food with the Bellino Snacking tomatoes, which are sweet and delicious.  We buy 2 punnets of these every week as both my daughters love them.  Peaches in juice is always a winner and who does not love a slinky apple.  I found whenever I slinkied my kid’s apple they always came back eaten and the Li’l Snackerz apples are great as they are a good size which fit well in lunchboxes.


Bellino Premium Australian Snacking Tomatoes 200g $1.99

Sweet Valley Fruit Snack Pack 500g / 4pk $2.09

Bakers Life Bakehouse Wholemeal Bread 750g $2.69

Brooklea Tropicana Yogurt Squishy 70g $0.79

Li’l Snackerz Apples $2.99

Organic Honey 500g $5.99

Lunchbox 4


If your kiddo does not like bread then wraps are always a great option.  Tuna wraps are another favourite amongst kids and keep quite well after being made.  Add some fresh strawberries for fruit, a cheese stick from the fridge section with no added preservatives or additives and a 100% fruit juice pop top.


Baker’s Life Wholemeal Wraps 8pk $1.99

Hillcrest Sesame Snaps 120g (3 X 40g) $1.49

Ocean Rise Flavoured Tuna 75c

Westcliffe Mega Juice 6 Pack $3.29

Cheesestreamers 8 pack $3.49

Strawberries 250g $2.99

Lunchbox 5


Another great option to mix it up if your kids get sick of ham is some turkey breast. The Bakers Life Bakehouse soy and linseed bread is very yummy and the seeds are great to add some protein to the school lunchbox.  Grab a few of your other regular items and bob’s your uncle.


Bellino Premium Australian Snacking Tomatoes 200g $1.99

Sweet Vine Australian Sultanas Snack Pack 6 X 40g $1.79

Damora Dippits Cheese Spread & Crispbread 6pm/132g $1.99

Bakers Life Bakehouse Soy and Linseed Bread 680g $2.69

Berg Turkey Breast Value Pack 4 X 80g $5.00

Westcliffe Mega Juice 6 Pack $3.29

These are a few lunchbox ideas available from ALDI, who have all your back to school lunchbox ideas covered.  Feel free to share any ideas you have below as you can never have enough lunchbox ideas!

* These products were bought at an ALDI Store on 25th of Jan 2015. Please note, price may vary nationally.



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