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Dairy and particularly cows’ milk has always been one of those foods that makes me a little funny in the belly.

When I grew up there were very limited options when it came to cows’ milk.  More recently, there is far greater choice which is terrific.  During my dairy and, in particular, milk investigations I started to understand that whilst some people are intolerant to the lactose in cows’ milk, for some others who experience tummy discomfort after drinking regular cows’ milk it might be because of the A1 protein and a2 Milk might make a difference.

I had heard much about lactose intolerance over the years but, when I learned that I’m not lactose intolerant myself, I started to look for other possible causes of my tummy discomfort.  When I discovered I could drink a2 Milk without any unwanted digestive symptoms, we made a decision as a household to switch to a2 Milk and our family has never looked back.

We have now been drinking a2 Milk as a household for over 6 years, as both of my daughters have never really had regular cows’ milk.  My daughters enjoy a2 Milk so much that, on occasion, when we have run out of milk and, at short notice, have had to buy a different brand at the local corner store, the kids have straight away noticed the difference in taste and tell us they much prefer the a2 Milk.

 What is the difference between a2 Milk and regular cows’ milk I hear you say???

The a2 difference - Dairy Farmers

Regular cows’ milk today contains a combination of two main types of beta-casein protein, A2 and A1, while a2 Milk is the only dairy milk that comes from cows specially selected to naturally produce milk containing only the A2 protein and not A1 protein.

For those who experience tummy discomfort after drinking regular cows’ milk it might be because of the A1 protein and, a2 Milk might make a difference.   For myself, I can say that I certainly have felt a difference since switching to a2 Milk.

I am thankful there is also a2 Cream and a2 Jalna Yoghourt as these are really helpful ingredients when cooking for my kids.  Below is a chocolate mousse “treat” I occasionally make for them using only two ingredients, including a2 Thickened Cream.





a2 Thickened Cream

Chocolate (I used the rest of a left over easter bunny we had sitting in the fridge that needed to be used)

Instructions (one serving):

Melt chocolate enough for 2 tablespoons

Add 1/4 cup of a2 Thickened Cream and 2 tablespoons of melted chocolate in a blender (I use a magic bullet with the single blade)

Mix for 10-20 seconds until smooth (do not overmix)

Eat! – as I said, an occasional treat 😉

I also give one of my daughters yogurt every day for kindy which she loves and being able to use a2 Jalna Yoghourt is awesome!!  It‘s not packed full of sugar so I add crushed fresh frozen raspberries and she loves it as it gives it that little bit of natural sweetness.



If you have never given a2 Milk or other a2 products a go I would absolutely recommend that you do.  There is also a great competition for a2 Milk at the moment.  You can WIN 1 of 8 Nespresso Coffee Machines or 1 of 8 Cuisinart Ice Cream Makers or 1 of 800 a2 Milk Travel Mugs.  All you need to do is to try one of the a2 products and head to to upload your very own a2 Happy Moment.  You can also find out more via their Facebook page

All of the pictures above are from our own a2 Milk Happy Moments as we love a2 products and the delicious things we can make with them.

Good luck with the comp and I hope you feel as good as we do after giving a2 Milk a go 🙂

Written By School Mum aka Sam Shazzam



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