Top 10 Graduation Party Ideas


bigstock-Three-funny-carnival-kids-port-38938645 (Small)Are you in charge of organising a graduation event at your child’s school and are you looking for some ideas? We asked on our facebook page for some suggestions and where the top ten best ideas …

  1. Arrange a nice dinner at a restaurant. Often times you can rent a room for a few hours. The best part of this is that the restaurant does the set up and clean up.
  2. If your school has a hall that can be used, ask the teachers if they will help you get together a committee of children to help out with the planning.
  3. Arrange a formal dinner or a banquet where the children are being served. There could be some good music, and speakers if so desired.
  4. Rent a skating rink for the afternoon.
  5. Have a movie day.
  6. Arrange a dance for the children and their parents (kinda like a father daughter dance).
  7. Rent a bowling alley.
  8. Arrange a day at the beach.
  9. Have a photographer come in.
  10. Put together a few different ideas and allow the kids to vote on what it is they would like to do.

There are many great things that can be done to make a graduation special and make the children happy. Sometimes the simplest things are the most memorable it doesn’t always have to be fancy smancy!

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