The Perfect Aussie Christmas – Aldi Style


I feel like the luckiest this morning as I wake up to a full belly and soul.  Last night we got the opportunity to have our very own “Perfect Aussie Christmas” AND it’s not even Christmas yet.

As most of you probably know I am Aldi Mum and I love and talk all things Aldi (most of the time 😉

Aldi thought it only fitting to allow us to TEST DRIVE the amazing Aldi Christmas goodies available in-store  in the lead up to “The Big Day” to see what we thought and share our experiences.

So armed with some amazing food and great friends (16 of us in total) here is how our night unfolded last night!

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The table was set for our feasting!!!  Simple yet homely I do love a Christmas table!!

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Our feature table decorations were the build your own Gingerbread House from Aldi for $5.99 and the Marzipan Stollen $5.99.  The Gingerbread House was a favourite of the kids at the table but by the end of the evening had been mostly demolished!

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 We even had our very own Aldi Christmas tree I bought 3 years ago that we think is just perfect to make it a truly Aldi Christmas experience.

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We were spoiled with some Aldi Liquor Champagne.  My hubby likes his wine and gave this one the thumbs up and thought it was good value for money.

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We feasted on a half leg of ham from Aldi ($6.99 kg).  Last night was my first ham off the bone tasting for the year and I was not disappointed.  There is something about ham off the bone that really makes it feel like Christmas for me.  I LOVE IT.   It was not too salty which was great and was easy to carve.  One of our lovely friends mentioned they are not normally a ham off the bone fan but really enjoyed this one.  So thumbs up for the Aldi Ham from our feasting table!!

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Our kids can be a bit fussy at times with meat however all the kids were happy to eat the ham so that was a win!!

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 Now we move on to the 3 Bird Roast with Lingonberry Sauce YUMMMM!!  We tried the frozen one which weighted 1.5kg ($29.99). I had heard mixed reviews on the 3 Bird Roast so was keen to try it.  I was told to be careful to not overcook as it would dry out and lose its flavour.  So we watched it carefully and ended up needing to cook it for an extra 20 mins longer than stated on the pack.  It was everyone at the table’s first time eating a 3 Bird Roast and all I can say is that plates were empty and there was NONE left at the end of the evening.  The Lingonberry Sauce ($1.99) was a lovely add on and I quite enjoyed it with the ham also.

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 Empty plates and happy tummies was on the menu for the night!!

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The Moscato Rosa available from Aldi Liquor was a little bit too tasty haha!  Sweet and delicious and a perfect accompaniment to the 3 Bird Roast it was a favourite beverage for the evening.

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 With bellies and hearts full it was time to move onto the final treat!!  THE CHRISTMAS PUDDING!!  For a total of $4.49 this pudding was a great price and hit the spot.  Drizzled in Aldi custard and topped with vanilla ice cream there were smiles all round.

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 You can’t have Christmas without a pavlova!!  I am drooling so much thinking about this right now I am off to have some of the leftovers lol!!  This Aldi pre-made pav was very tasty with fresh whipped cream, passionfruit, mango and blueberries all from our local store.  This did not disappoint!!

Our night carried on into the evening and I felt so lucky to be able to share a meal with some of our great friends.  The whole family slept in this morning as last night was a late one for the kids.  They are finished school now and we didn’t have anywhere to be this morning.  The funny thing was it felt just like boxing day but it wasn’t lol. Hubby was keen to watch some cricket and I just wanted to snooze on the couch.

Aldi Christmas selection gets a thumbs up from this Aldi loving household.  The products were quality, the taste was amazing and the price was affordable.  I don’t say I love Aldi because I have to.  I say I love Aldi because I think they are a fair and ethical company that genuinely tries to bring quality food to households at an affordable price and giving a fair deal to our farmers.

I have only ever heard good things about how they source their food and I know they try hard to be sustainable so two thumbs up from us Aldi we will be going back for more of your delicious Christmas treats.


Eaten and Written by Aldi Mum  AKA School Mum 🙂





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