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1470240_10152100278448324_64991975_nI was recently given a product to try and see what I thought.  The product was called eyeSlices and it was intended to reduce puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles etc around my eyes.

I am forever having eye issues but mine are mostly due to allergies.  I suffer quite badly from hayfever and itchy eyes so can look like I have been crying all morning sometimes at school drop off but alas it is just little dust mites causing my tears.

I was intrigued to try this product as my eyes can be very fussy and anything that can give me some relief is a winner in my opinion.

The eyeSlices have a jelly like feel about them but they are firm and robust.  The first thing I noticed when using them was this cooling sensation even though they had not been in the fridge.  They are quite cooling and relaxing which was nice.

The idea is you put them on your eyes for 5-10 mins every couple of days for relief.  I have to admit that my eyes did feel quite relieved and refreshed after each time I have used them.  Setting aside 5-10 minutes in my day to just lie on the couch ALONE and rest was a treat in itself with the added benefit of refreshed eyes.

I have included a before and after shot of me but to be honest my eyes haven’t been too bad with allergies lately but I have to say I have enjoyed using this product.

I like that is is all natural and reusable.  I like that it is refreshing and relaxing as well as helping my eyes to not be so irritated.

I would recommend giving it a go if you are in need of some eye relief as I think these are a good product on the market.


They have a special going from now until the end of December where you can get 1 Pair of eyeSlices with a Clam, plus a Refill Pack AND free postage for only $50.  Click here to get this offer!!



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