Thank Goodness For Charities Like Camp Quality


Camp Quality   Support Jordyn   Camp QualityOne of those fears I think every parent has, or at least I know I have had forever, is finding out that your child has cancer or some kind of severe illness.  There were days when I was cuddling my babies when they were sick with a cold and they were struggling to breath as their nose was so blocked up and I felt so helpless and I could not even begin to image dealing with that next level of illness with my child let alone cancer.

I think parents who go through the cancer journey with their children must be some of the bravest and strongest people I know as nothing would prepare you for that journey.

I attended the recent Kids Business blogger BBQ in Melbourne and found out a bit about the charity Camp Quality.  Thank goodness for organisations such as Camp Quality who create a better life for every child living with cancer in Australia.


For the last 30 years they have been supporting children with cancer, their siblings and parents, throughout their journey. Their programs use education, performance, recreation, respite and play to build optimism, resilience and supportive networks for families. All their programs 100% free of charge which is such an amazing gift for families having to go through the cancer journey with their child or sibling.

Camp quality deliver 4 main programs which include ..

  • Family Support Programs
    Improving a family’s quality of life through practical support tailored to their needs throughout their cancer journey.
  • Hospital Programs
    Helping children deal with cancer inside and outside hospital through procedural education, information, distraction and structured play.
  • Education Programs
    Transforming lives by helping children and teachers learn how to create a supportive school community for children living with cancer and their families.
  • Recreation Programs
    Helping kids and their families embrace normality and celebrate life, in a fun, supportive and stimulating environment where optimism and relationships thrive.

If you are ever looking for a charity to support this is definitely a worthwhile one as I am sure you can only imagine how difficult it would be for you and your family to go through the cancer journey with a child and any support you could get would be welcomed with open arms.

You can find out more about Camp Quality and donate here.



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