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Any teacher will tell you that reading is a great skill which helps youngsters succeed in all of their educations and so we have always tried to build reading habits early. 

As my youngest moves into pre-prep this year I am noticing her becoming more and more interested in letters and reading … so I thought I would give Reading Eggs a go online and see if she enjoyed playing the simple games.

Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities.

And it really works!

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The next step was registering her as my child (all communication was to me of course). You can register more than one child on your account and it will keep each kid’s progress.

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I’ve always been a big believer that keeping your children close but up to date with school is better than falling behind or streaking ahead so I was very happy that there were some very simple activities that aimed at letter recognition and simple combinations.

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Bear in mind that she had never used anything on the computer before but she soon worked out the mouse and because everything was explained by the characters voice, she could easily play the games herself within about 15 mins.

Some of the games were a bit of a challenge but because they offer repetition and the games evolve quite slowly, the young ones catch on to the goals and can succeed quite quickly.

Coming back to it the next day I noticed it was super easy to login and see my daughter’s progress … she got going from where she left off.

You can see a little of how it works in this short demo video


I really like the way that the reading levels are pitched too in the system with a real developmentally appropriate age breakdown.



After a few days I received an email report on my child’s learning … it explained what letters, words and skills she had achieved. I thought this was particularly awesome as I can be reminded to check where she is up to and then reinforce those skills in every day life.


Your child now knows the following words, sounds and skills.

Map Information : Level 1 Map 1 Lessons 1 – 10

Letters and sounds – m, s, t, b, c, f, am, at

Words – I, a, am, at, Sam, cat, bat, sat, fat, mat

Sample of sentences read – I am a cat. I am Sam.



The Verdict

I am being bugged for this as an activity as much as the TV now which is good and bad haha but I figure its nice to do a little of something more eductaional. For students in the early years of school, I can see this program being awesome assuming that the games grow more engaging and keep the interest of the kids.

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