13 Awesome Uses for Paper Towel Around Your Home



Who doesn’t love the good old paper towel?  Such a handy product to have around the kitchen to make life that little bit easier.   I know I am grabbing for the paper towel at least once a day but mostly because my 2 year old thinks it’s a really fun game to pour out his water all over the floor. 

In honour of the paper towel I thought we would have a bit of fun and put together a little video about 13 great ways you can use paper towel around your home.

You may already be all over some of these ideas but I guarantee there will be a few new ones in the list J.  Check out our video below …

Here is a little summary of these fab ideas if you didn’t have time to watch the video …

  1. If you plan to freeze a loaf of bread, then pop some paper towel into your bread packet before you put it in the freezer. When you pull it out to defrost it the paper towel will soak up all of the excessive moisture and voila … no soggy bread.


  1. If you ever run out of coffee filters for your drip coffee machine then fear not … coffee is still on its way! Pop a paper towel in as a make-shift coffee filter and the crisis is avoided.


  1. If you don’t have a salad spinner you can use paper towel to dry off your lettuce to get rid of any excess moisture.
  1. If you need to cool down a drink really quickly, all you need to do is wet some paper towel and wrap it around the body of the drink and place it in the freezer. The wet paper towel will aid in cooling the drink down much quicker.


  1. You can use paper towel to make a temporary mop head that you want to throw away. This is great if you are cleaning up vomit or anything with contagious germs that you don’t want hanging around on your mop.


  1. Place paper towel over anything you want to heat up in the microwave to avoid the food becoming too soggy or too dry. It’s like magic.
  1. If you want to extend the life of your fresh herbs, then wrap them in some paper towel before you place them in the fridge to keep them fresher for much longer.


  1. Place some wet paper towel into the freezer and once it is frozen you have for yourself a DIY disposable ice pack. The paper towel is flexible even when frozen so great for wrapping around injuries.


  1. Extend the life of your fruit and vegetables by placing a layer of paper towel on the bottom and the top of them in a container before popping them in the fridge.


  1. You can use some paper towel and a hot iron to get crayon off any hard surface. This is fantastic if your kiddos have decided to draw a Picasso on your lovely white walls while you were hanging out the washing.



  1. Wrap some paper towel around any bottle that drips down the sides when you pour it and secure it                    with a rubber band to stop unnecessary drips and spills all over your hands.
  1. If you like a nice crispy steak, then it is best to remove all of the moisture from the meat before placing it in the frypan. Use a piece of paper towel and dab it on the meat to remove the moisture and have yourself a tasty and crispy steak for dinner.
  1. When you are finished with your paper towel and are left with the roll on the inside, you can tape it to the end of your vacuum cleaner to get into hard to reach places. Genius right!!



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  1. I have saved on my water bill and dish washing by using paper towel on a plate when serving up something like a sandwich or someone not oily or watery so that the plate does not need to be washed from every use, just simply throw the piece of paper towel away afterwards.

  2. Beryl Rutherford on

    So convenient for cleaning, mops up fat from cooking, dries washed fruit and vegetables – these are just a few of my favourite things about paper towel

  3. Paper towel has transformed our Sunday morning family breakfasts! Cooking bacon in the microwave, sandwiched between paper towels means I can focus on cooking other breakfast components and don’t have to worry about cleaning grease splatters from the cooktop when I’m done. A simple and fast solution that has me dreaming about Sunday morning breakfast all week long!

  4. Convenience & easy use is the way paper towels have changed our life. We use it for everything. No need to drag the mop out for those spills, paper towel will fix it, who wants to wash fats & oils down the sink after cooking, paper towel will fix it, who needs to dirty up a clean teatowel to dry off your potatoes before cooking your chips, paper towel will fix it 🙂 Love the new ideas above too…will definitely put them to good use 😉

  5. We use them for at least half of the suggestions in this article already and more besides! I’m lost without them! Our kitchen grinds to a halt without paper towels!

    One use not in the list is to keep a paper towel on the microwave turntable to make clean up of any spills super easy! When there’s a spill, just pop the paper towel in the bin and replace it! Most of the time no additional cleaning is needed for a spotless microwave!

  6. I suffer from a phobia when it comes to germs so paper towels are literally a complete life saver for my sanity. The thought of picking up a disease ridden dish cloth to mop up a spill creates incredible levels of stress and anxiety within me. Being able to apply some anti-bac cleaner to a paper towel and then throw the towel out after cleaning the mess up has allowed me to complete cleaning tasks most people take for granted. While I still worry about the germs it makes the task more acceptable in my mind.

  7. Because paper towel has become a extension of my hands for everything while cleaning like messes on carpet or cooking like swipe out flavorstone pan after each meat you cooking or when finished for cleaning pan, Teenage son uses the paper towel all time too.

  8. A new puppy or toilet training a toddler – the mess is much the same,
    Paper towel is quick, hygienic and easy – helping to keep me sane!

  9. Jessica Ashbrooke on

    I make soy wax melts and candles and the paper towel is amazing for cleaning up those spills when I’m doing tricky little candles it cleans up the mess with ease and no hassle

  10. Well I must truly confess, I have seen a lot of mess, 5 children on the go, 20 years total and they don’t slow. Paper towel is like a man, has always supported whilst in my hand. Cleans and scrubs and never answers back, Paper towel is my life’s hack 😀

  11. Katharine Wernhard on

    As a single mum of two
    theres always something to do
    paper towel has changed my life
    gotten me out of lots of strife
    even kids help clean up their mess
    making their mumma stress less!!

  12. The paper towel is one of a kind
    Super handy around the home with ingenuity entwined
    Creativity inspires our kids hearts and mind
    Making origami, paper animals and unique little treasures beautifully defined.

  13. The herb trick does it for me,
    I now cook and create happily.
    So much flavour within my dish,
    Extended their life was always just a wish.

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