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A while ago I got a chance to try out a Thermomix for a few weeks.  While it is a pretty amazing cooking device the reality for our family was it did not, at this point in time of our lives, cook the dinner type food that my kids eat.  We are not really a risotto, soup, beef stew and curry type of eating family.  If hubby and I had our way we would eat more of these things however all of our kids prefer plain, separated food or pizza lol. The Thermomix did not make meat and 3 vege or pizza or tacos (or at least no easier than I could do on our stove) so I could not justify the $2000 price point.

When I was first asked to test out the Multifry Classic the first picture I saw on the box was of a pizza and I thought (we could have a winner here people lol).  My kids love homemade pizza and so do I haha.

I have to admit that I was pretty excited to be receiving this new cooking device and after a quick flick through their recipe app which has hundreds of recipes on it, I knew our family was onto a winner.


You see, the great thing about the DéLonghi Multifry Classic is that it can make pizza, chips, chicken drumsticks, grilled salmon PLUS vegetable stew, chicken curry, beef stroganoff and apple pie (just to name a few).  So it cooks the plain simple food that my kids will happily eat and it has the capacity to make more of the sauce/stew based foods hubby and I are keen on as well.

The Multifry does not chop and weigh all of your ingredients you still need to do that however once you have everything ready to go it is a bit of a set and forget (until the alarm goes off) which I found AWESOME.

My kids love plain chicken drumsticks but for whatever reason I have always found them a hassle to cook.  I don’t know why, I have just found them difficult.  I noticed in a recipe that the Multifry cooked drumsticks so this was the first challenge I thought I would take on.


It was literally place defrosted chicken drumstick in Multifry, press one button, set timer and then come back after 35 minutes to the above (note:  I did turn these over twice during cooking when the alarm went off to do so).  They were perfectly cooked, crunchy chicken drumsticks which were devoured by the whole family!!  It was an easy and healthy (no oil required) set and forget dinner for the family and we have had it many times since.

My kidlets are also a fan of potato chips but who isn’t haha.  Our second challenge was to make some of the airfry potato chips to see how they fared from our normal deep fried version.  Below are a series of pictures of our attempt.





As you can see above it made deliciously crunchy and golden brown chips that once again the whole family was happy to eat.  There was about the equivalent of 2 tablespoons of oil in these chips so it makes for a great low-oil fryer which is awesome.

They did taste only slightly different to your normal full fat chip however with a bit of salt, tomato sauce or gravy you could not tell the difference.

The other great thing is it doesn’t come with a $2000 price tag.

You can also cook some other great ideas like these pesto and brie swirls below which I know my kids would LOVE in their lunchboxes.


The recipes are endless due to it having an automatic motion paddle which gently mixes food allowing you to mix and cook various combinations of ingredients without any need to manually stir.  You can check out the range of recipe options here and the convenience and ease of use is awesome.

My hubby normally freaks out at the thought of another appliance in the kitchen lol but with this one it only took him one round of chicken drumsticks to welcome it with open arms haha.  Hubby cooks at least half of the evenings in our household and he has started using the Multifry and is loving how much easier it has made some of our meals.

You can find out more about it here and for those of you wondering how much it costs … you can pick it up for $350 full price but I have seen them around on post Christmas sales lately 😉

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