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After 7 years of being a mum to 3 little munchkins I think I may have tried just about every nappy on the market.  To the untrained eye they all look the same but as a parent you do learn quickly this is not always the case.

I was lucky enough recently to get a chance to try out the new Coles Little Explorer nappies and take on the 5-Day Challenge.  What is this 5-Day Challenge I hear you say???  The 5-Day Challenge is about trying a full pack of the Little Explorer convenience size nappies designed to last at least 5 days.

Having had 2 girls and 1 boy I have noticed a difference between how different nappies hold their “outputs” lol.  My assumption with little boys is wherever their “boy bits” are facing is where the bulk of their “boy wee” (yes this is different to girl wee haha) goes, which can cause some leakage at times due to the lack of distribution.  Girls however seem to get better distribution hehe *note: this is my own personal funny little theory.

The BIG question though is how did the Little Explorers fare?

First of all they are very cute and even cuter when baby Ellis is wearing them (picture below)


Sign me up … sign me up I hear you all say!!!

The Newborn and Infant sizes have a Wetness Indicator on them, which is a star pattern colour that fades when wet to indicate when a nappy change is needed … how handy and dandy is that!!

These nappies are also unisex and are made to fit both little boys and girls.  They fit Ellis really well and we had no issues with them falling down or sliding off and they appeared to create a good barrier around his legs without cutting in.

They feature colour panels and character illustrations on them, which helps mums with multiple kids in nappies to differentiate sizes in their baby bag.  We got to try out the cute rabbit.


One thing I noticed in particular is they seemed quite light and soft.  More than most other nappies I had felt.  They are definitely not big and bulky nappies as they seemed a bit more slim that usual.  They have a stretchy waistband, soft elasticated leg cuffs and stretchy re-sealable side tabs which are designed to ensure maximum comfort and prevent leakage.


We used these nappies for 5 days and here is what I can tell you.  Baby Ellis did not get any signs of rash during our 5-day trial.  Not once during the day was there any leakage from the nappy onto his clothes.

The nappies also held up well during night with one change at the night time feed (6 hours between nappy changes).

These nappies have a 3 layer Dry-tech core, which is ultra-absorbent to deliver maximum leakage protection & keep baby’s delicate skin dry and healthy.

One other thing to note about the Newborn version is they have an Umbilical Cord Cut Out.  This is a unique front panel designed to provide space for the Umbilical Cord to minimise belly button rubbing & soreness.  Poor Mr Ellis had a borderline infection in his umbilical cord when he was only a few weeks old and these would have been perfect as we were cutting the tops of the nappies we were using to try and stop the rubbing.

They cost $9.99 per pack (we had 30 in our crawler pack) which is great value for a good quality nappy.  It is worth attempting the 5 days challenge if you are in the market for a quality and affordable nappy.  You can find out more about them here 

Review by Sam Shazzam aka School Mum and Mr Ellis



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