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I was given a My Cubby fort to test out for this post but was not financially renumerated to write the below.  My opinions are my own. 

Since I can remember I have always dreamed of having a play cubby / fort in the backyard my kids could play on whenever they like.  I have so many memories as a child playing in the backyard with my siblings and next door neighbours and I was super keen to facilitate the making of memories for my kids.

We don’t have a street full of kids so sadly the organic outside play in the afternoons doesn’t happen as easily as it did when I was kid but I wasn’t going to let that stop me trying with my kids.  Technology has also come a long way so to combat the pull of that I felt like we had to make outside play appealing for our kids to want to choose that.

When I first saw the My Cubby cubbies a few years back I thought they looked amazing.  My inner child wanted to play outside in them all day and forget about all of my responsibilities haha.  They are not the cheapest cubby on the market, nor do they aim to be.  This is because they are focused on providing cubbies that will survive our Australian climate and outlast our kid’s cubby years.  I contacted My Cubby to see if they were interested in talking to me about them so I could find out more.

We agreed to work with My Cubby to test out one of their forts (that is what my 2 girls were most interested in) over a period of time to see what we thought.

I saw the fort get built from scratch and found out a bit more about what makes them so awesome.

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Did you know that the timber from a My Cubby fort and cubby will most likely outlive your house haha.  David who is the principal builder and designer went in search of some of the best quality timber sourced from sustainable conditions to make these cubbies last a lifetime. It is important that the wood on these cubbies is painted to give great protection to the wood for longevity.

Another few fantastic facts about these cubbies:

– They are not a one size fits all so My Cubby can work with you to create a cubby that suits your particular backyard

– The roof is made of a particular material which stops the cubby heating up inside plus keeps the spiders away.  We have had our cubby in the backyard for over 6 months now and we have NEVER had any spiders or animals make home in it which is not an accident it has been designed that way.

– The steps up to the cubby were tested over a year and My Cubby designer David changed the gradient of the steps by just a few degrees to make children less likely to fall.  To date with have not had one falling incident and our 1 year old is up and down those stairs at least 5 times a day.

– The cubbies and forts don’t need to be concreted into the ground they sit straight on the ground.  This is fantastic as if you move house and are wanting to take your cubby with you it is not a massive issue.  You would need to take it apart and put it back together however you don’t need to dig it out of the ground.

– You can add new features and build on your cubby overtime to keep it interesting and fresh for the kids

When we were originally decided on which style of cubby to get we wanted to get something that would suit our kids as they got older.  In the end we decided on a fort as the standing space in them is big enough to accommodate both me and my husband so they could not outgrow it.  I was a little worried that it was not suitable for our 6 month old for a number of years however he has proved me wrong.  We let our kids choose the colours they wanted the fort to be and they helped paint it which they LOVED.  We chose to paint a blue chalkboard paint on the inside of the fort walls which the girls use all the time which is great.

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Not only do the girls love it but so does our one year old son.  Sure, we have to be out there with him when he is playing on it to make sure he is safe but I have never felt nervous about him being up there as it designed well to keep kids safe from falling off.   Our little guy is up and down the fort at least 5 times a day.

It has been fantastic for play dates and birthday parties and hubby and I love the fact that we can get up there with the kids for a play without breaking our back.  It has really added to our enjoyment of the backyard and our kids being off the screens more which is a win I think.

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My Cubby have also just launched their latest cubby design which is SUPER CUTE.  If you love it as much as we do then make sure you enter the competition below to win one for your own backyard.


You can find out more about My Cubby forts and cubbies here and make sure to ask for Gail as she is super lovely and can help you with any questions you might have to build the best cubby for your kids.


WIN a cubby house worth $2595!



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