20 Book Week Costume Ideas PLUS CostumeBox Giveaway


Book Week this year is from 22 to 28 August. It’s time to start thinking about potential costumes for your little ones.

What is Book Week?

Each year, schools and libraries across Australia spend a week celebrating books and Australian authors and illustrators. Classroom teachers and librarians run activities, competitions and tell stories relating to a theme. This year’s theme is Books Light Up Our World.

Book Week is a great opportunity to inspire children to read and love books.

Schools generally have a dressing up day as part of Book Week where students can come dressed as their favourite book character. BUT with all the wonderful books available it can be tough for kids to pick their favourite….

We are giving 2 lucky kids the chance to win a Where’s Wally Costume or Wenda Costume donated to us from CostumeBox.  CostumeBox are also offering a 10% discount off all of their kids costumes for School Mum followers from now until the 31st of December 2015.  All you need to do is enter the promo code: SCHOOLMUM10 in the discount code tile at checkout.

Below is a E-book CostumeBox put together of their “Complete Book Week guide 2015” with a few suggestions from us underneath and the chance to win 1 of 2 Costumes for your kids!!

  Here are another 20 ideas that make great Book Week costumes:  

Fancy Nancy Book Week Fancy Nancy 2

Fancy Nancy is at her best when she is wearing everything she owns all at once! My daughter dressed up as Fancy Nancy last year and had on a dress, beads, sunglasses, handbag, feather boa, bangles, necklaces, multiple hair clips, headband, crown etc. The tip for this one is: the more accessories, the better! It just wouldn’t be fancy without them…  

The Day the Crayons QuitBook Week Crayons 2

I absolutely love this book and I love the idea of a few classmates dressing up as the various crayons.  Simply wrap a piece of coloured cardboard around yourself and make a cone shaped hat in the same colour and you’re away.  

Kaboom KidBook Week Kaboom Kid

It couldn’t be easier. Don your cricket whites for this one and go as the Kaboom Kid. This is a popular series of books written by Australian Cricketer, David Warner.          

Where’s Wally?Book Week Where's Wally

Everyone loves Where’s Wally (even if it is a little infuriating at times when you can’t find him!). Unlike the books, a Where’s Wally outfit is easily recognisable in a crowd. Where’s Wally costumes are readily available online or in the shops – but otherwise just wear a pair of blue pants (or jeans), a red & white stripe shirt and red beanie.  

Thing One and Thing Two from The Cat in the Hat

Book Week Thing2 These Things will not bite you. They want to have fun. Then, out of the box Came Thing Two and Thing One!   This is such a fun costume and better still you get to dress up with a friend. You just need a blue wig and a red shirt. You can then cut out a circle of paper and write Thing 1 or Thing 2 on it and pin it on.  

Fantastic Mr FoxBook Week Fantastic MR Fox

Inspired by the great Roald Dahl, this character suits someone slightly mischievous. It can be as simple as a fox mask and a bushy long tail for this one. IMG_5231          





The Very Itchy Bear or Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? Book Week Bear Max

There are a lot of wonderful books that feature a bear as the main character. A simple bear mask (like the one pictured here) will see you sorted for your costume.  



Harry PotterBook Week Harry Potter

Be a Hogwarts Hero and dress up as one of the many great characters in the Harry Potter books. Whether you go as Harry, Ron or Hermoine – this is a classic. Grab a cloak, glasses and a wand and you are sorted.  

Angelina BallerinaBook Week Angelina Ballerina

Do you have a budding ballerina in your house? They can wear their favourite ballerina dance outfit and then just add a tail and some mouse ears.    



Harry and His Bucket Full of DinosaursBook Week Harry

We are all for the simple, yet effective costumes and this one fits that category perfectly. Just wear a pair of jeans and a yellow t-shirt and carry a bucket full of dinosaurs.  

Book Week Room on the Broom



Room on the Broom

Dress up as a witch and go as the Witch from Room on the Broom. Fly happily through the sky on your broom and take along a stuffed toy cat, dog, frog or bird if you have one or have room!  

Peter PanBook Week Peterpan

Never grow old like Peter Pan. This is a perfect character for boys who like adventure. Green shirt, green pants and a brown belt wrapped around the middle.  A feather in your cap is good too!  

Book Week Tinker_BellTinker Bell

Just as adventurous as Peter Pan, Tinker Bell holds her own in the fiesty, fun and independent stakes. Gather up a fairy costume, a wand and some fairy dust and you’re up, up and away.    

The Little Red Riding HoodBook Week Red Riding Hood

This would have to be one of my favourites. You will need a red cape and a basket to carry.  Alternatively, you could go as either Grandma or the Big Bad Wolf…  

Book Week Diary2


Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Be Greg Heffley the main character from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid for the day. Black shorts, a plain white t-shirt and a backpack.  

Alice in WonderlandBook Week Alice

Spend the day down the rabbit hole and go dressed as Alice. You will need a simple blue dress with a white apron over the top and a black headband.    

Book Week CharlieCharlie and the Chocolate Factory

There are 2 great choices for this one. You can either go as Charlie Bucket with the golden ticket or Willy Wonka himself with the top hat and cane. Both are timeless and exciting.  

Billie B. BrownBook Week Billie Brown

This is a current favourite in our house at the moment. My 6yo daughter loves this series of books and it is a refreshing change from princesses and fairies. Billie is a fun loving and feisty tomboy whose best friend is her next door neighbour, Jack. You can wear anything (with a tomboy edge) and generally she wears her hair in pigtails.  

Ruby Red Shoes Book Week Ruby Red Shoes

Ruby is an adorable rabbit. Dress up in a dress, stripey stockings and the very important red shoes and then just add some rabbit ears.    

Peter from the Secret SevenBook Week Secret Seven

My eldest son doesn’t love dressing up (you may have one of these too). So for Book Week last year he went as Peter from the Secret Seven. He simply wore his Sunday best and then we made a badge that had SS on it for the Secret Seven Society.   As with everything, you can go as simple or elaborate as you like.  We hope that the above list alleviates any potential stress around Book Week and your kids can enjoy the day as they celebrate books and the love of reading.


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