Taking the fight out of homework with your primary school child


Like eating meatloaf through a straw so can be the struggle of getting some children to do their homework. 

All of us will have these moments with our kids, so remember it’s not just you.  Here a few tips from some experienced teachers that can help you smooth the way.

Main points:

  • Homework is revision of things already taught, so it should be things they have learnt in class already.
  • Set them up into a daily routine, doing a little bit every night works best.
  • Find a time that suits your children, and develop a routine around that.  For some it is best when they get straight home from school.  Other children need a break first then do it later in the afternoon, or early evening.
  • Set a timer, so they know how long they have to be doing homework and that after that they are free to play.
  • Have clear defined quiet space in your house for them to work independently.
  • Sit down with them and be interested in what they are learning.  Homework is the best way to keep up with what you child is doing in the classroom.
  • Homework is about developing independence.  If you want to help them with their homework, help them learn how to think, but don’t give them the answers.  (I help my daughter with spelling by getting her to sound the letters out to me, not just copying the words down).
  • If they are melting down about homework, find out if it is a time management issue or a homework content issue.  Time management is something you and your chid need to work out.  Content is something you need to let the teacher know about.
  • Praise their hard work, not how clever they are.  Create a culture of working hard to solve a problem.

May the force be with you.



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