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Have you been put in charge of Fundraising your school, sporting team or kindy this year?

Last year our School ran a 5 cent challenge to raise funds for a playground upgrade. It was our most successful fundraising venture last year so I thought I would share with you the details in case you’re in the throws of scheduling your fundraising for the year.

What Is The 5c Challenge?

The 5c Challenge basically encourages the kids to bring in as many 5c pieces as they can find lying around the house, in the car, fallen between the seats in the lounge etc. (with parents/caregivers permission of course!)

The class with the most amount of 5c pieces at the end of the time frame wins a prize.

What’s Required?

The set up and logistics of this particular fundraising venture is its best feature. There is very minimal legwork to be done.

  • You will need to produce a flyer of some sort to distribute and possibly some posters around the school.
  • You will also need a jar in each class to collect the 5c pieces. (This will need to be locked away each night.)
  • You need some willing volunteers to count the 5c pieces at the end of the challenge and ascertain which group has won.
  • You will need a prize for the winners! At our school we held an ice-cream party for the winning class – which was kindly donated by our local ice-creamery.

How long does it run for?

We ran ours for a 2 week period.  Any longer than this and I think you may lose some momentum.

What were the results?

We raised close to $5K from a school of 600 students in 2 weeks.  AND it was so much fun. The kids were totally engaged in the process and each class thought they were sure to win!!

The teachers were also positive about it. The 5c challenge wasn’t labour intensive on them and they enjoyed seeing the kids excitement.

So, all in all, it achieved our goal and SMALL CHANGE funded BIG CHANGE for our School.

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