The Conversation You Need To Have With Your Friends


It’s 2am and you are sick. So sick you need to call the ambulance. There’s a problem however; you have small children and your partner is away (or maybe you are a single mum) and your family isn’t close by.

What do you do? Who do you call?

This scenario can easily happen to any of us.

Whether you are a single mum, a FIFO wife, or have a partner who is usually around – one day they may not be.

Same goes with family. A lot of people don’t have family close by these days, however even if you are lucky enough that you do, there is always going to be a time when they aren’t available. People get sick or go on holidays.

Murphy’s Law dictates this is the time when something will go wrong.

We all know it takes a village to raise a child. We talk about it constantly. Many of us have built villages with other mums and friends to make a good support network.

However, how comfortable are you reaching out to that village at 2am in the morning?

The thing is most of our friends would probably want us to call them at 2am if you needed them, but for some reason we are reluctant to ask for help.

This is the conversation you NEED to have.

By having an explicit arrangement with friends in place, you will feel more comfortable contacting them in an emergency.

Obviously, it pays to have more than one person lined up in case of emergencies. It is always good to have a Plan B!

Likewise, let your friends know you are there for them too.

As mums we often try to do it all and feel that asking for help is an imposition. Give yourself permission to reach out, especially in emergency situations.

Do you know who your 2am emergency person is? Would you feel comfortable having this conversation with your friends?



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