3 Essential Tips to Prevent Bullying for Your Child


Written By School Mum Contributor Debbie Rossi

Unfortunately bullying still does occur with our children at school and at some point in your child’s schooling life they will encounter bullying.

Recent statistics show that “One student in every four in Australian schools is affected by bullying, says recent research commissioned by the Federal Government”.

This is alarming, especially in such an advanced and tech savvy society in which we live in, bullying is still at such a high rate. What is more alarming is that often we just leave this problem to be fixed by our teachers and take no responsibility for it and its long term affects. I believe that in order to stamp out bullying it needs to start in the home environment of each and every child in Australia (and the world).

I am very passionate about this topic (so passionate I have written a book called Beyond The Schoolyard). I was bullied throughout my high school years and as a result of this I bought those feelings of low self-worth and little self-esteem into my adult life. Which was then exaggerated as I became a mother and my 4 innocent children would look at me for guidance and support, yet I did not know how to give this to them as I was still dealing with my own bullying issues and insecurities.

bigstock-high-school-girl-being-bullied-38733481 (Medium)After a few years of trying to get better and be okay as a Mum, I decided enough was enough. I needed to break the cycle that this school bullying had set up for me many years ago. This has allowed me to step into a role model of a confident, happy and self-assured person for my children (remembering that our children learn 80% of their behaviors through our role modelling).

As a result of this experience and my book I am now fortunate to help other Mums let go of their own bullying experiences and to help prevent bullying in their own children.

I believe that no child (or adult) should ever need to experience bullying on any level.

Bullying is preventable!

In honor of today’s National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence (20th March), here are 3 ways to prevent bullying in your child:

  1. Deal with your personal issues: it is important to get Mum feeling confident and in control of her life first, which will then flow down to her children.
  1. Create empathy: model and teach your children to be empathetic and how to recognize emotions that are being experienced by those around them.
  1. Communication: keep the lines of communication open with your children, so they are comfortable with talking to you about what is really going on at school and on social media.

It starts in the home environment and it is never too late to start! Maybe this is just that ‘magic’ key to stamping out bullying once and for all!

Start the ripple in your home to create a wave in the outside world! It begins with you.

To start this ripple effect I would like to offer you the first chapter of my book,  Beyond The Schoolyard. Click here to redeem your copy today… by clicking here

Written By Debbie Rossi

Speaker, author of Beyond the Schoolyard and owner of a successful Kinesiology business, Debbie Rossi is passionate about helping other families to not go through the bullying which she experienced as a child. It is all about creating happy, secure and confident Mums and children.

You can find out more at www.debbierossi.com.au.



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